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Today, with the rise in environmental awareness and strategies against global warming, there has been an increasing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles all over the world. The automotive sector, which has been dominated by internal combustion engines for more than a century, is undergoing a great change and is now becoming a part of the energy sector.


We set out to be a part of this change with the synergy coming from our experience in both the energy and automotive sectors, our knowledge and our global partners, and to be a solution partner in sales, after-sales, maintenance-repair, security and other strategic issues that need to be renewed in the entire sector. Join us on our journey.


Transforming Our Way of Transport

E-Autotrek enables all OEMs, insurance companies, chain services, independent workshops and charging stations ready for an electrified future by providing solutions to design the World class know-how and services for all businesses related with electric and hybrid vehicles.

E-Autotrek makes the transition from combustion engines to electric and hybrid vehicles seamless with our service offerings and critical trainings.


Our Company Partners


Hasan Cem Citak

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Metallurgy and Materials - Mechanical


M.Sc. Mechanical Engineer

(Istanbul Technical University, Bogazici University)

After working in sales, marketing and leadership roles at Castrol company in Turkey and abroad for 9 years, he took leadership roles in Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı company in sales operations and e-commerce.

Starting from 2021, he embarks on a new journey in his career as the managing director and partner of E-Autotrek.

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